Monday, September 27, 2010

Broadway Night by Gary Epting at Amelia Hyde Gallery

Broadway Night by Gary Epting is an amazing painting that can be seen only at Amelia Hyde Gallery October 7-November 8. It’s 33” wide by 66” high on canvas/wood.

Epting grew up in northern Michigan and earned a degree in Fine Arts from Western Michigan University before relocating in San Francisco in the mid 70’s. He is an award-winning painter, writer and digital artist living and working in the Bay Area.

What was Epting’s inspiration for Broadway Night? “Les Nuits de Paris is a book written in the 1780's during the French Revolution. The author, Nicholas Retif (besides being known as the first modern pornographer and a contemporary and enemy of the Marquis de Sade) was also a very brave man. The 'Nuits' is a collection of short stories in the form of a diary that records his nightly exploits and observations on the streets of Paris during the Terror. It's filled with grit, wit and unforgettable images. Needless to say I was inspired.”

What role has San Francisco played in several of these images? “The 'Night City' paintings are a record of my nocturnal wanderings in San Francisco. Of course, I didn't have to worry about the guillotine, but more than once I was glad I am tall enough to look like I'd be more trouble than it would be worth to bother.

How did you capture these scenes or did you paint them from memory? “Mostly I recorded what I saw with an old Nikon (this was a pre-digital world). Many of these images became sketches and a few of those-- paintings. Broadway Night was one of those images that was dangerous to shoot. The painting was made from several hastily snapped shots that were more blur than anything else. I still take my nighttime walks (with a digital cam) through the neighborhoods. Even though the shops and restaurants are closed and everything seems to be asleep I can tell you the city is still wide awake.”

Gary’s Artist Statement:

Night in the land of windfalls & roadkill.
Slumming, or cruising. Either way. There will be blood in the water and sharks on
the avenue.
Ask me things are gonna go pear-shaped. Full Bartlett. Smart money says do
your business and be gone before the chum hits the heavy syrup.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Music & Images: Amelia Hyde, gallerist & Jamie Clark, musician create a happy hour occasion.

Art and live music—culture, relaxation and a stirring of your senses. This Friday, Sept. 24th, Amelia Hyde Gallery and musician Jamie Clark will share the energy, power and creativity offered through works featured by Amelia Hyde Gallery backed by music performed by Jamie Clark and his band. It all takes place at Harlot in San Francisco, 5-9 pm, with a happy hour cocktail party for a great crowd of art lovers and music connoisseurs.

Amelia Hyde Gallery will be exhibiting a sneak preview via virtual slide show of Matthew Olyphant’s upcoming show: Cities + Celebration and assorted pieces from the show Urban Collective 14 Show (hanging through Sept 26th) such as works from sculptor/conceptual artist Philip Lawson , Painters Amos Miller, Senay Chandler.
Tony Pett & Chrissy Angliker.

Jamie Clark is a singer/song writer whose roots are in the Bay Area. “I’m really looking forward to combining my music with work created by several of Amelia Hyde’s artists currently showing in her gallery,” Clark said. “I lived for many years in San Francisco, so I’m thrilled to be coming back after recording recently in Nashville, Tennessee. It’s a homecoming in a way!” His latest CD is entitled The Country Q Sessions and his music has been compared to legendary icons like Elvis Presley and Roy Orbison and a fresh slant on Michael Buble as well. Jamie and his band will be playing 2 sets on Friday night, to get the room rocking while art fans get an eyeful of art from some truly desirable established & emerging artists. Philip Lawson will be in attendance; works on display will be available for purchase.

Make it a part of your evening this Friday Sept. 24th from 5-9 pm at Harlot. Kick off your weekend with art and music.

Harlot Nightclub: 46 Minna Street, San Francisco (415) 777-1077

Amelia Hyde Gallery: 521 6th Street in the loft, San Francisco (415) 990-2043

Top photo: Artist Philip Lawson standing beside his Icons collection at the Amelia Hyde Gallery.

Middle photo: Painter Chrissy Angliker

Bottom photo: The Amelia Hyde Gallery

Friday, September 10, 2010

From Switzerland to NYC and On to San Francisco: Chrissy Angliker

Recently signed on with Amelia Hyde Gallery, Chrissy Angliker is ready to wow the Bay Area in a big way with her amazing paintings. Within the last year the Swiss artist, who has been based in Brooklyn for the past 11 years, has received numerous accolades about her work on influential blogs, in galleries and from big names such as AOL and the Government of Switzerland. It’s a product of her amazing artistic abilities, her hard work and the simple act of displaying her images on the Web, she said.

“I was reluctant for quite some time to put my paintings on the Internet,” Angliker explained. “But when I did, I was very surprised and pleased with the results. Blogs started writing about me and pretty soon I was getting offers for gallery showings and other projects.”

One of those projects was a branding design job offered her by Internet giant AOL. Angliker was selected as one of artists, a collection of 35 designers, illustrators, videographers, painters, filmmakers, photographers and sculptors, assembled by AOL to celebrate its 25th anniversary and to “help, share art and design today,” according to AOL.

“This was a great project and I had an opportunity to meet one of my idols, Painter Chuck Close,” Chrissy said. “To be associated with a big company like AOL is an honor and very flattering.”

In addition, Angliker was recently chosen as one of the top artists of her homeland Switzerland. Her paintings were recognized as part of an annual juried show sponsored by the Government of Switzerland. Chrissy is excited about re-connecting to her Swiss roots after so long in the U.S., she said.

“In the Fall of 2011, my work will be displayed with 20 other various artists from Switzerland. I want to share my paintings with my Swiss friends and associates and this is a wonderful way to do it. Many apply every year to be involved in this project, so I am very enthused to be one of the people who got picked.”Angliker’s paintings eventually made their way to San Francisco from NYC this summer, at the new Amelia Hyde Gallery, and Nor Cal art enthusiasts are enamored with her work. She hopes to come to the City by the Bay and to possible live there at some point, because she loves the art scene there and the creative energy emanating from the region. “Yes, I love San Francisco. The hills here remind me of my Switzerland and the people are able to chill more around here as compared to Brooklyn. I hope to get out there sometime in 2011, to display more of my paintings and meet other artists from the Bay Area.”

To find out more about Chrissy Angliker and her paintings, e-mail Amelia Hyde at

Top painting: Untitled
Middle: Chuck Close
Bottom: Self-Portrait

Monday, August 23, 2010

Grand Opening Night!

Amelia Hyde Gallery Opens Contemporary Art Gallery in SOMA Neighborhood, San Francisco, CA.

San Francisco, California: The Amelia Hyde Gallery proudly announces their grand
opening and inaugural show on August 20, 2010, 6 to 9 PM.,

To inaugurate the gallery, Amelia Hyde has curated “ Urban Collective 14” which displays
diverse range of works from 14 artists at various points in their careers, ranging from
emerging, mid-career to blue chip artists from the Bay Area, Miami, New York, Cuba,
Berlin, Turkey and South Africa*. This show will be on view through Sept. 26th.
The Amelia Hyde Gallery was born upon Amelia!s move back to the Bay Area from Miami
Beach, FL. where she, a trained designer and collector of the arts & art deco to midcentury
furniture & art, had a to-the-trade design showroom, “Carriage House”, with her
now ex-partner, in Miami and The Design Center of the Americas in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.
Amelia Hyde has the eye and skill to curate unique and multi-dimensional shows.
“Urban Collective 14” is a multi-cultural show offering the interpretations of life, and the
endeavor of each individual artist to capture motion, thoughts and ideas in still life form
through different mediums including painting, photography, print-making & sculpture. A
portion of the proceeds from this show will be donated to The March of Dimes.
The Amelia Hyde Gallery will launch their shows on an ongoing basis at a schedule of 5
to 8 weeks per show.
PUBLIC RECEPTION--FRIDAY, AUGUST 20th, from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm.
* List of Artists:
" Andy Warhol, Amos Miller, Archie Held, Hans Feyerabend, Philip Lawson, Sergio Lastres, Lark
" Calderon-Gomez, Gary Epting, Matthew Olyphant, Shenay Chandler, Max Sherman, Tony Pett,
" Sharon Lombard & Claudia VonWelczek.
for further information or to schedule an interview:
Ms. Amelia Hyde 415-990-2043
Address: 521 6th Street (loft), San Francisco, CA 94103
web address: