Monday, September 27, 2010

Broadway Night by Gary Epting at Amelia Hyde Gallery

Broadway Night by Gary Epting is an amazing painting that can be seen only at Amelia Hyde Gallery October 7-November 8. It’s 33” wide by 66” high on canvas/wood.

Epting grew up in northern Michigan and earned a degree in Fine Arts from Western Michigan University before relocating in San Francisco in the mid 70’s. He is an award-winning painter, writer and digital artist living and working in the Bay Area.

What was Epting’s inspiration for Broadway Night? “Les Nuits de Paris is a book written in the 1780's during the French Revolution. The author, Nicholas Retif (besides being known as the first modern pornographer and a contemporary and enemy of the Marquis de Sade) was also a very brave man. The 'Nuits' is a collection of short stories in the form of a diary that records his nightly exploits and observations on the streets of Paris during the Terror. It's filled with grit, wit and unforgettable images. Needless to say I was inspired.”

What role has San Francisco played in several of these images? “The 'Night City' paintings are a record of my nocturnal wanderings in San Francisco. Of course, I didn't have to worry about the guillotine, but more than once I was glad I am tall enough to look like I'd be more trouble than it would be worth to bother.

How did you capture these scenes or did you paint them from memory? “Mostly I recorded what I saw with an old Nikon (this was a pre-digital world). Many of these images became sketches and a few of those-- paintings. Broadway Night was one of those images that was dangerous to shoot. The painting was made from several hastily snapped shots that were more blur than anything else. I still take my nighttime walks (with a digital cam) through the neighborhoods. Even though the shops and restaurants are closed and everything seems to be asleep I can tell you the city is still wide awake.”

Gary’s Artist Statement:

Night in the land of windfalls & roadkill.
Slumming, or cruising. Either way. There will be blood in the water and sharks on
the avenue.
Ask me things are gonna go pear-shaped. Full Bartlett. Smart money says do
your business and be gone before the chum hits the heavy syrup.

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